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Dean Message

Prof.Dr. El-Araby Hendi Shendy
Dean of the Faculty of Science

Gentlemen faculty members and their assistants and all the staff at the Faculty of Science :
The grace of God Almighty first to the deanship at the College of Science done in an atmosphere of respect and transparency and by courtesy of Allah and the confidence of my colleagues become the  first elections dean of the Faculty of Science in light of the 25 January glorious revolution and this is one gains of the revolution so that greeting to those . kindled its ire and greet to those martyred and great Egyptian people who was convinced of revolution, from the first day and helped in its continuation and success with the help of God Almighty the university and colleges by courtesy of elect their leaders of grade components will become in continuous progress and will we see it in the near future, God willing.

My sons Students, Faculty of Science:
Congratulations for affiliation to this ancient therefore Faculty science was and will continue throughout the ages and times is the basis of the progress of nations , and its renaissance and the foundation of all other sciences and the whole world is witnessing superintendent models of graduates of the Faculty of Science who honored Nobel laureates . Make these top models your Ideal and took advantage of every minute spent in the Faculty of Science to take advantage of its halls, laboratories and libraries


Faculty of Science, Ismailia teaching, research and continuous development of scientific programs in the fields of basic and applied science by method that encourages scientific excellence , innovation and the ability to identify and solving problems to improve Egyptian society in general  and Suez Canal and Sinai region particularly


Faculty of Science, Ismailia looking to occupy distinguished scientific position at the local and regional level and be a expertise center to provide ongoing training and scientific Consultancy to the government and private institutions.